Blogging 2017

The Colour Green

Perhaps one of my most favorite songs of the millennium year is Pachai Nirame, the cult hit from the Tamil movie Alaipayuthey

Be it in the music or the peppy voices or (okay, I agree) the actor, everything about the song is perfection. The lyrics are my personal favorite though, for various reasons. The hero describes the love of his life using different colours, and the things he uses to denote those colours are what make the song perfect. (Credits to the lyricist Vairamuthu here).

I have always associated many things in life with colors, even some emotions. And this is one of the reasons why I relate with the song on a deeper level. Life has always been about different colours for me. Dull days are grey days, bright days are ocean-blue days, orange is the colour of vibrant and happy things, red is the colour of anger and increased temper, and blue, strangely, represents a melancholy despite being my favorite colour.

Yes, Inside Out really did get it right. But it represented disgust with green, and that is the only choice I disagree with. Though the explanation given by the moviemakers (read somewhere off the internet) did answer some of my questions.

“Joy was a star, or a spark. Golden and illuminated. Sadness was a teardrop. So her shape and color resemble a teardrop. Fear is like a raw nerve, just a squiggly line, that’s why he’s tight. Disgust is the shape and color of a stalk of broccoli. And of course anger is a brick, immovable.”

Green has been forever associated with the wrong emotions. Be it in envy or feeling sickness, green as a colour has got the short end of the stick many times. Feeling green translates to being sick, Green with envy is a very common expression. As a colour, green has been vilified in many ways. Even in my favorite world of Harry Potter, green represents evil, and red the good side.

Avada Kedavra, the killing curse was represented by a green bolt of light while the good side’s spells were usually red in colour. (The author herself has spoken in detail about this). I wondered back then, as I do now, why green was the colour that suffered in every which way whenever any piece of literature was considered. Even the emoticons (emojis) have not fared well. And the only green face is the one that looks strangely sick.

To me personally, green is the colour of healing. The colour that represents freshness, the colour of the grass that the morning dew settles on, the colour of the rich paddy fields that dot the lonely road to villages, the colour that comes out brighter after every rain and spreads a sense of innate calm in me. It is the colour of the ‘charge complete’ LED notification of my phone, and of the send button of a WhatsApp text.

I had not always been a green lover, almost always preferring the brighter shades like red and orange. But of late, I have gotten an affinity for this mild shade. I have to gotten to like the color more because of how calming it is and how it is recommended as the colour one should surround oneself with for that purpose. Green is easily one of the most misunderstood colours but whatever the movies say, I am enamoured by the colour in many ways, because it is the colour of my favorite people!

*discreetly hides shopping bag full of green dresses*

*silently changes the green wallpaper*

*smiles softly at the ‘seeding’ and ‘finished’ torrents*

Yes. Green is a good colour.

*sly Hagrid*

P.S.: This post is to prove that I can ramble about nothing in particular and start somewhere and end somewhere else entirely. 😛


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