A to Z 2017, Blogging 2017

A to Z Theme Reveal!

One more year. One more blogging challenge.

Yes. I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge for the second consecutive year. As exciting as it was to do it on two different themes in two different blogs last time, I am sticking to one theme on this blog alone, this time.

Deciding the theme has not been easy. I wanted to write on something I was really interested about, something that will urge me to complete the challenge because I have a lot to say on those topics. The top options were books and music. Mainly for convenience, I chose books.

The theme for this year’s A to Z challenge is going to be ‘A to Z of authors’. The authors’ names are going to be arranged by the ascending alphabetical order of their surnames. This sorting order was chosen because it was the most commonly used method in libraries everywhere and therefore made much more sense to use. (For example, Enid Blyton is tagged under B and not E).

I easily remembered the popular names and my favourite authors. Initially, the slots for certain authors were filled easily. There were even clashes between two or more names for the same slot and I had to choose the one name with the most personal significance.

I have also missed popular authors and have not made an effort to include the classics. Sometimes, the choices I have made might be surprising because they did not conform to the obvious name that is expected to fill that particular letter slot. But the list I have made is a mixture of authors with special status, whose books I remember for some reason.

The list will also include books I have not read yet and I am planning to read them as I go and write about them too. As a bookworm, it gives me even more pleasure to think of all the new books I am going to read and the new authors I am going to get acquainted with. This is going to be a win-win for the bookworm and the blogger in me.

Please wish me luck as I enter into my second year of the challenge.


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