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Z for Zusak #AtoZChallenge

Note: With special thanks to Srilakshmi Indrasenan who blogs at I am S(t)ri! She wrote this for Partis Temporus on a short notice and I am glad she could do this! A fitting end to an exciting challenge. Author’s Name: Markus Zusak The Memories: This was not a big surprise – isn’t it? Or was it?… Continue reading Z for Zusak #AtoZChallenge

Blogging 2017

Always on Repeat (Part 10 – The Kishore Kumar Playlist)

This list is Inspired my dad’s favorites (10 of about 85 – 90 songs, didn’t count) AKA the ‘sleep playlist’ – the one I used to hear when I was a kid to put myself to sleep. Sometimes even now. Full of songs I don’t really understand the depth or meaning of, because the language… Continue reading Always on Repeat (Part 10 – The Kishore Kumar Playlist)