A to Z 2017, Blogging 2017

Z for Zusak #AtoZChallenge

Note: With special thanks to Srilakshmi Indrasenan who blogs at I am S(t)ri! She wrote this for Partis Temporus on a short notice and I am glad she could do this! A fitting end to an exciting challenge. Author’s Name: Markus Zusak The Memories: This was not a big surprise – isn’t it? Or was it?… Continue reading Z for Zusak #AtoZChallenge

A to Z 2017, Blogging 2017

Y for Yousafzai

The Author: Malala Yousafzai The Book and memories Reading a memoir is tricky business, and the reader must have a different sensibility to understand the book. The necessities of the trade make the inclusion of some generalisation, background information and sensationalism an essential part of the package. But the reader must be able to differentiate… Continue reading Y for Yousafzai

Blogging 2017

Always on Repeat (Part 10 – The Kishore Kumar Playlist)

This list is Inspired my dad’s favorites (10 of about 85 – 90 songs, didn’t count) AKA the ‘sleep playlist’ – the one I used to hear when I was a kid to put myself to sleep. Sometimes even now. Full of songs I don’t really understand the depth or meaning of, because the language… Continue reading Always on Repeat (Part 10 – The Kishore Kumar Playlist)