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A for Archer


Author of the day: Archer, Jeffery

The book(s):

Jeffrey Archer is an author who needs no real introduction. His books are widely known and have many fans across the world. There are many books of his that I have read and loved but one book stands out in my memory vividly because, in some way, I related to it more than his other books. This was the book I would reread countless times and never get bored of.

Not a Penny More and Not a Penny Less. Be it in the conceptualisation or the characters or the writing, this book is an eternal favourite. I have my complaints about the logical flaws and confusions but I will be forever amazed at how Harvey Metcalfe as a genius duped so many men and how the determination of four men to get back the exact amount of money they lost (not more and not less, hence the title) made for an interesting read filled with life lessons.

The author:

Jeffrey Archer is famous for his thrillers, including the Clifton Chronicles and other thrillers like Shall we Tell the President, Kane and Abel and other bestsellers. His books have the innate ability to keep the reader engrossed and turning the pages to know what happens next. I particularly love his writing style because there are not many dull moments and despite the complaints I do have, I am an ardent fan of his writing.

The memories:

The author holds a special place in my mind for two reasons. He was the reason I branched out into thrillers from Children’s books. In addition to that, I have a handwritten note from him, which I received for a campaign run for women empowerment. The note is cherished forever. I have fond memories of the author and his books because I remember the days when I would swap books with friends and read them so we didn’t miss out on any of his books.

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