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Always On Repeat (Part 7 – English songs)

This list is one of the least unique in my list of playlists. Mainly because it fully consists of the popular numbers. I listen to very few songs in this category and most have been recommendations from friends and songs that were ‘forcibly’ copied into my phone by well meaning buddies who wanted me to enjoy what they did. But still, all of these songs have a strong memory associated with them and are therefore very special to me.

Most of these have been chosen only for the lyrics, and not the tune or the voice. I had fallen in love with them because the lyrics meant a lot to someone I knew and felt relatable too, in a way.

P. S. This list does NOT have Pink Floyd. TIA.

Only Hope – Mandy Moore

This song features first in the list because of three things. The memory of the first time I listened to it, the bus journeys I will never forget, and the friend who was so special. I knew only very late that this was part of a movie sound track. (This song was part of the OST of ‘A Walk to Remember’ – a movie based on a Nicholas Sparks book of the same name). This song shall always remain at the top of my list as a special song because of the circumstances in which I heard it and the power of prayer it focuses on.

I give You my destiny

I’m giving You all of me

I want Your symphony

Singing in all that I am

 Echo – Jason Walker                 

This song is a recommendation from a very special friend, who sent me both the name and the link to the song. It was love from the first time I heard it, be it in the voice or the lyrics. This is my go-to song whenever I feel low, my music-equivalent of comfort food. It is special for so many reasons, and it was on repeat for days on end. I turn to this song whenever I need something to neutralize my emotions.

I’m out on the edge and I’m screaming my name

Like a fool at the top of my lungs

Sometimes when I close my eyes I pretend I’m alright

But it’s never enough

The Reason – Hoobastank

This song is right on the edge of the almost-forgotten memories. This song was the one I’d heard some time ago, and promptly pushed to some unused corner of my music collection until another friend recommended it. This brings back memories of things that are close to my heart. Though this has no personal relevance, this song shall remain special because of the people associated with it.

I’ve found a reason for me

To change who I used to be

A reason to start over new

and the reason is you

Holy Daughter – Leonie Casanova

A song I happened to hear merely by chance. I first heard it on a very memorable car drive. But I could not hear the original because my friend insisted on singing along. She has a beautiful voice that complemented well (it might be resonance and I might be partial) with the original. I was quick to grab this song merely because of the tone and the mesmerizing voice of the original singer.

Through my smoke filled eyes

I recognized

Your smile amongst the jeering

Then I knew I’d drown

I’d be swallowed down

Cause my love

You were standing there cheering

I Have A Dream – West Life

Be it in the lyrics or the voices, this song grabbed my attention for all the right reasons. A friend recommendation again, and one that grew on me slowly. I love the whole song and the part I have reproduced here especially. This song will remain on my permanent playlist no matter how many other songs of this band I hear.

I believe in angels

Something good in everything I see

I believe in angels

When I know the time is right for me

I’ll cross the stream, I have a dream

Numb – Linkin Park

This is a very, very recent addition. But it still got a place in this playlist because I connected instantly with this song. The song was on repeat for a long time after I’d first heard it and I was helped by the timely lyrics file that I had, trying to follow and sing out loud – a rarity for me. This song might quickly ‘climb the charts’ as far as my MRU for the playlist is considered.

I’ve become so numb, I can’t feel you there

Become so tired, so much more aware

I’m becoming this, all I want to do

Is be more like me and be less like you

Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day

This song was the ‘force fed into my phone’ category and first came to me while I was playing the songs in my phone on ‘shuffle’. Initially confused, this song caught my attention because of the voice first and then I searched for the lyrics, and that finally helped me relate better. This song is not of the ‘repeat for days together’ kind but it is surely one of the top ten for me.

I walk a lonely road

The only one that I have ever known

Don’t know where it goes

But it’s home to me and I walk alone

Nothing Else Matters – Metallica

This one is in this list purely for the popularity. There was an inexplicable thrill in letting this song blare out in full volume in the speakers and shout along the lyrics and chorus with friends. It was considered a crime not to have heard this, so I jumped onto the bandwagon. And I loved the lyrics in parts, often find myself mumbling them under my breath.

Trust I seek and I find in you

Every day for us something new

Open mind for a different view

And nothing else matters

Show Me The Meaning – Back Street Boys

This song was the dream song of my gen. Everyone has heard it at least once. And sung along too. So there was no doubt this song would feature in the list of someone who has not heard many different songs in English. This song was the one I’d heard and belted out (with wrong lyrics of course) in full volume in my college days. So naturally this goes on this list.

Walk with me, and maybe

Nights of light so soon become

Wild and free I could feel the sun

Your every wish will be done

Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams

This was the song to invoke nostalgia. Something about the lyrics holds me in the sway and I find myself thinking of cousins and friends and summers back in my native town when I forgot I was from a metropolitan city and became a thorough inhabitant of a little known village. So this song remains special in that category – of invoking nostalgia and the sweetness of youth, of the times and memories we yearn for.

Oh, when I look back now

That summer seemed to last forever

And if I had the choice

Yeah, I’d always wanna be there

Those were the best days of my life

Indian Rain – Colonial Cousins

Bonus song. Because this was the first ever ‘English song’ I remember hearing. It does not fall into the same category as the others but to hear the colonial cousins sing about rain and romance just melts my heart. This is still the first song I turn to when I need something to perk my mood up on a rainy day and a long journey when I am not driving. This song is always special.

Rain drops and dance, strange kind of romance

I don’t know why (whether) to cry out loud, But I’m feeling fine

Watch the rhythm of the rain falling down

Thus ends the great list 😀


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