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B for Blyton #AtoZChallenge


Author of the Day: Blyton, Enid

The book(s):

Enid Blyton is the famous author of a lot of children’s books including The Famous Five and The Secret Seven series. I have read many of her books and cannot choose one favourite. But this post is dedicated to one particular book because I formed a reading habit with that book. The book I will cherish forever is ‘Hello Mr. Twiddle!’.

The book was an instant favourite, something I am thankful for because it made me want to read more works by the author herself. I read this book in under a day because I was quite unable to put it down. And from there, I eagerly lapped up the other books in this series and then to the next as my friends generously lent me those books. The forgetful, good natured and clumsy Mr. Twiddle is a character I would never forget.

The author:

Enid Blyton’s style is unique and leaning more towards the descriptive. Her characters are independent and head strong kids who have ‘adventures’. Written at a time when the ‘Children should be seen and not heard’ phrase was famous, the books captured the brilliance of independent children who perform outdoorsy work. Her characters are proud and resourceful and definitely form an instant connect with the imaginative readers.

The memories

To say that Enid Blyton was single-handedly responsible for me developing a reading habit would not be an understatement. The initial days were filled with me voraciously devouring all the books by her that I could lay my hands on and then actively searching for more of her titles because I was done with all the books I had. I also frequently revisit old favorites and to this day, I take pride in reading a Blyton book when I want to calm myself down. Blyton opened up an entirely new world of imagination for me and from there, it was quite easy to move ahead to other authors.

#AtoZChallenge #BforBlyton


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