C for Christie #AtoZChallenge


Author Name: Agatha Christie

The book(s):

Agatha Christie is the famous creator of fictional detective Hercule Poirot, Miss. Marple, Tommy and Tuppence duo and other memorable characters. I have read her books in my early days as I began to explore the thriller genre. There are many books of hers that are my favorites, including the rarer ones like ‘Sparkling Cyanide’ and ‘Why didn’t they ask Evans’. But the book I am talking about here is ‘And Then There Were None’.

Popularly known as her best work, this book tells the story of how ten people are invited to an island under different pretexts and murdered one by one. The only common link amongst them is that they had all committed some crime that was not punishable in some way, and they had escaped the confines of legal justice. So the mysterious caller invites them to an island and finishes them off one by one, in a methods that are eerily similar to the ten little Indians poem.

The author:

Agatha Christie is the famous English author who created memorable fictional characters. She was the uncrowned Queen of detective stories that were full of logic and were, in their prime time, bestsellers. Her stories were filled with suspense, unexpected twists and vague crimes ranging from petty to gruesome. Christie’s books are the best of the lot where thrillers and mysteries are considered and most of her books are never tiresome no matter how many times we read them.

The memories:

There was almost no deliberation in deciding the author who would be tagged under the letter C, though there were many choices available. Christie won hands down because, to me, she represents the transition from children’s books to my favourite genre. The move from Enid Blyton to Agatha Christie was so effortless and natural. I was hooked to her writing almost immediately. Christie brings back memories of dog-eared library copies and the rush to join the waiting list and swapping books to get to read the maximum titles.

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