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D for Doyle


Author name: Arthur Conan Doyle

The book(s):

The fame of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes need not be declared or written about in detail. Holmes, with his cold, calculated and logical answers to seemingly unsolvable puzzles remains one of the most famous fictional characters ever created. The adventures of Sherlock Holmes were part of my growing up years and were Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous, well known works.

Sherlock Holmes was ‘brought back from the dead’ owing to popular demand once. The series and the character are so famous and have spun many movies and ‘fan-fictions’. There are even television series based on the novels and the character. I will never tire of reading Sherlock Holmes

The author:

Arthur Conan Doyle is a medical practitioner himself, and his most famous creation was Sherlock Holmes. As a writer and a physician, he used his life experiences while writing. It is also said that Doyle himself attempted solving a few real life cases in his own way like his fictional detective would and this increased my interest in reading his works. I have not read his other works (though there is another published book) because I cannot look beyond the brilliance the Sherlock Holmes is.

The memories:

I remember reading Sherlock Holmes in my high school days only. I immediately loved the style and the depth of the writing and Sherlock Holmes quickly became one of my most favourite literary characters. My search for the books in the earlier days were not fruitful and I ended up having to wait for ages to get my hands on the one copy that the library had. I remember running to the public library at a town called Neyveli where I first got this book and I sat down to read it, totally immersed, and looked up after three hours only. My first ‘I didn’t know so much time had passed’ book experience.

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