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E for Eaton #AtoZChallenge


Author’s name: Marion Eaton

The book(s):

Marion Eaton is a famous English author. She has penned many beautiful stories including The Mysterious Marsh thrillers and The Norfolk Twilight. The books are distinctive and memorable with their idyllic style and descriptive beauty. I love all the books by the author, but for this post, I am going to write about the one book that is close to my heart. The Elephant’s Child. A book where I am mentioned, a book that was born out of a random conversation with the author.

The Elephant’s Child is the story of a little girl Melanie, an English girl in India and her adventures with Nellie the elephant. It is a deeply moving tale of love, loss, an unlikely friendship between a little girl and an elephant. With its detail rich narrative, the book brings to the readers’ eye the country that India was in the 1950s. I absolutely loved how the book spoke of the deeper emotions so easily with a six year old girl in the picture. The book is one of those special ones I will peruse time and again.

The author:

Marion Eaton is the author of many wonderful books of different genres. She has written the seriously thrilling Mysterious Marsh series and the moving story in The Elephant’s Child. Her words are rich and resonate with the readers easily, and feel like music flowing on paper. Marion holds a special place in my heart with her words and her kind nature. I feel blessed to have autographed books from her, a collection I will cherish forever.

The memories:

This book in particular holds a lot of memories for me. I was amazed at how a normal conversation could spurn a new book, and a very beautiful one at that. Marion, me and my friend were discussing elephants in India and my friend sent a picture of one parading the streets in the place where she was working then. That casual conversation led to Marion remembering her time in India as a little girl and writing a book on that. To this date, it gives me a strange thrill and happiness to see my name in print in such a beautiful piece of work. A praise more than what I deserve, and a memory that is strong enough to create a patronus!

#AtoZChallenge #EforEaton


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