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F for Falkner #AtoZChallenge


Author Name: Brian Falkner

The book(s):

Brian Falkner is an author from New Zealand. He is famous for writing computer science based thrillers and other books for children and young adults. He is the author of the novels include The Tomorrow Code, Brain Jack, The Project etc. The book I am going to discuss here is Brain Jack. I stumbled onto to this book purely by chance. A friend lent me a copy of this book in paperback and I read it recently.

Brain Jack is the story of a genius teenager Sam Wilson who hacks into one of the most secure systems in the world. From there, he is hired by a secret agency to fight the ongoing war against terrorism and digital intrusion. The book was classified as part dystopian but the similarities were eerie and very disconcerting. I loved how the story was engaging throughout, with never a dull moment. Despite the obvious complaints I do have about how the book did not have a conclusive climax that made sense, it reminded me of how deeply technology has encroached into our lives. And for that, this book is a must read.

The author:

Brian Falkner has authored many books including books for children and young readers. His most famous works are The Tomorrow Code and Brain Jack, and mostly talk about science fiction and the dystopian genres. He has written many bestsellers but I have read only one book by him thus far. Brian Falkner is a full time author and has won many awards including special category awards.

The memories:

I have no specific memories about the author before, and I took up this book especially for this challenge when I searched for a book written by an author whose surname started with F. As I browsed through my bookshelf, this book’s title jumped out at me. I picked it up, leafed through the initial few pages. The prologue caught my interest and from there, the book picked up speed with enough twists to keep me occupied. I will read other books of the author for his writing style, if not for the stories.

#AtoZChallenge #FforFalkner


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