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G for Grisham #AtoZChallenge


Author’s Name: John Grisham

The Book(s):

John Grisham is a very popular author of books from the thriller genre. His famous works include The Broker, The Partner, The Last Juror, The Confession and other great books. The book I am going to discuss here though is The Partner. This book stays vivid in my memory for both its characters and story line. Written in 1997, this book deals with a lawyer who steals ninety million dollars from the firm of which he is a part and then goes on to lead a life of anonymity elsewhere. The story is about what happens when he is discovered.

Patrick Lanigan stands in my memory as a suave, knowledgeable and brilliantly criminal lawyer. The most memorable part of the book for me was the last chapter and even the last paragraph, which serves bittersweet justice to the wronged ones and the wrongdoers. The book tweaked my interest in understanding online fund transfers and shares. I love books that lead me to gather additional knowledge and this book was quite memorable and useful that way.

The author:

The Partner was neither the first nor the last book I read by the author. I have read many other books and loved them all. The book was mentioned in this post because of its special personal significance. I love John Grisham’s writing style and the way he writes fast paced page turners that are near impossible to put down. I have not read all of his books (not quite possible) but I have read some that have stood in my memory despite the other books I have read on similar tones.

The memories:

John Grisham books are those that make me reminisce about my school days. The hunt for the titles in libraries and second-hand book shops where I would rush to get the ‘latest’ available titles – is quite memorable. I once had a huge collection of books by John Grisham that I took pride in and seldom lent or gifted. The Partner, especially, is a book that I owned and did not read until a friend suggested and insisted that I read. From then, I have repeatedly perused my own copy in parts and sometimes as a whole, in the memory of that one afternoon I completed the whole book in, without even pausing for a sip of water!

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4 thoughts on “G for Grisham #AtoZChallenge”

  1. I got into Grisham novels because I liked the movies so much and figured there would be more in the books, there always is. I can’t even remember which movie it was that got me going along the path but.. there it is. I think he is one of my favorites.

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