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Always on Repeat (Part 8 – Ilaiyaraja and K J Yesudas combination)

In continuation with my favorite playlists series of Tamil movies, this time I choose the Ilayaraja, K J Yesudas combo. While the Isai Gnani and singer SPB combos were the majestic and strong voices, the ones in the voice of KJY are those with the mellow beauty, the voice flowing like honey and all things soft and sweet.

There are, of course, a lot of songs that this hit combo has given us and this list is again a very personalized one, and might not conform to the popular lists and the super hit songs. So without further ado, the list!

Thendral vandhu ennai thodum – Thendrale Ennai Thodu

This song is always the first song that I hear whenever I am happy. This reminds me of rainy mornings and of balmy summer evenings in the terrace simultaneously. One of the most happiest (double superlative intended) memories I have is associated with this particular song and this is very special. Be it in the music or the voice or the rendition, or even the lyrics there is nothing I would change about this song. There is also another hit song from this movie but this takes the precedence any day.

Poove Sempoove – Solla Thudikkuthu Manasu

This song is special in so many ways. Often hailed as one of his best, this song is the calming one I listen to whenever I need to ponder something. Lyricists Vaali’s lyrics speak to me from some place near yet far away and this song was a recommendation from a special friend when I was about fifteen. I loved it back then, and love it even more now. One of the songs that is a part of my ‘permanent – never skip an occurrence’ playlist.

Poonkatru Pudhidhanadhu – Moondram Pirai

This is arguably one of my most favorite albums, because of the brilliance in music that it was, and also due to how the lyrics matched the situation of the movie and were still relevant out of context. This song precedes the much more popular number from this movie because I personally love this a tad more than the other one. The lyrics of this song move me whenever I hear them.

Azhage Azhagu – Raja Paarvai

I can never pin point what I love the most about this song. The voice is mesmerizing, the lyrics are meaningful and the music is plain heavenly. I love the composition as a whole and this overshadows the popular Andhi mazhai pozhigiradhu number from the same movie for this very reason. This song is the one that will make the final list because it just wins as a combination of all the three important factors.

Poove Poochudava – Poove Poochudava

A song of love and affection. From a movie with a strange tale of a love between a grandmother and a granddaughter. There are two versions of this and I love both of them but the male version sung by KJY takes the special place because of the expressions in the voice. Easily a top 50 song amongst all of my music, this song brings to the fore memories of a grandmother who is not physically in this world now. So it is special in more ways than one.

Uravugal thodarkathai – Aval Appadithaan

This one is here purely for the lyrics. Though the voice and the music are added bonuses, this one is here for the lyrics mainly. I love the words and their associated meaning and somehow feel that no one else could have done this song the justice these two legends did. No more words for this beauty because words cannot define it.

Oorellam Un Paatuthaan – Oorellam Un Paatuthaan

There are two versions of this song, but this version is my most favorite because of the voice. I marvel at the genius of the composer when I hear this. And this is one of the best songs of the combo in my personal opinion. The lyrics resonate with me on a subconscious level and I love the song as a package. Nothing can beat the magic of simplicity in the music this song has.

Un paarvaiyil ­– Amman Kovil Kizhakkale

A famous number from a very famous movie. This song is in ways very soothing to listen to. I didn’t much prefer the lyrics until recently when I realized the context. Though this was a recent addition to the playlists (yes, despite being decades old) this song stood out due to its folksy tune. From one my ‘not-so-favorite’ movies, this song is an odd favorite.

Kanne Kalaimaane – Moondram Pirai

The last song of the legendary lyricist Kannadasan, the song famous for all the right and wrong reasons, this song is pushed almost to the last in this list because of a lack of any personal significance. The song is also overshadowed by its companion song from the same album (already a part of this post). The song is one of those that put one into effortless sleep if in the right mood. It is meaningful, calming and very good to hear too.

Poomaalai vaangi vandhaaln– Sindhu Bhairavi

It would be a crime to mention the Ilaiyaraja and Yesudas combo without mentioning this movie. Despite the dubious history of the spat in the aftermath of the movie and the fact that this movie reimagined some Carnatic classics, I love this song from this movie because it was one of the original ones composed specifically. I feel that no one other than the singer could have done justice to all the songs in the movie and this is one of my favorite albums too.

This is a list to cherish. I now am hearing it all over again, twice, as I write this post. Amazing music came in an era I was born after. Cheers to good music and soulful voices. Here’s to many more beautiful songs.




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