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H for Hosseini #AtoZChallenge


Author’s Name: Khaled Hosseini

The Book(s):

Khaled Hosseini is the internationally acclaimed author of The Kite Runner and two other books. I have read only one of this books though, the first one, and that is the book I am going to discuss in this post. The Kite Runner was a book I put off reading for a long time, with no clear idea why. There was something frightening about the reactions it brought forth in people, and somehow I wanted to stay well away from the moving book. But one day, with the right trigger, I sat down to read it without any other distractions.

Hassan – one of the fictional characters I will never forget. The Kite Runner as a book moved me with its story, strong descriptive language and meaningful quotes. But more than anything, the characters and how they reacted to the events happening during the course of their lives. The Kite Runner explored the darkest corners of the human mind, of even those who masqueraded as the good ones. It spoke of a country that lost its peace and beauty due to human greed. It spoke of how lives were lost due to greed and how sometimes the worst of things happened to the best of men. Overall, a book I will never forget, though I did not like it fully.

The author:

Hosseini is a bestselling author of three books. His first work was The Kite Runner. It immediately gained international popularity due to the moving story line and the deep characters. His further works were also bestsellers and spoke about the lives, love and loss in the countries most known for their notorious suffering. Hosseini specializes in deeply moving characters and holds the readers in the spell of his words.

The Memories:

I had put off reading Hosseini for a long time because of the reviews I got from friends who had read him. The books were famous for making people feel heavy, and I wanted to be able to read and appreciate them fully without having a book hangover as my friends promised me I would have. But when I did take it up, the hangover lasted a week. The Kite Runner touched a part of my mind that makes for permanent memories and though I didn’t feel what everyone else claimed they felt, the book still moved me in ways I can never really explain.

#AtoZChallenge #HforHosseini


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