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Always On Repeat (Part – 9, the ‘old’ songs)

So this post is for some heavy level nostalgia, if I could call it that. Instead of writing about the songs that defined my childhood and teens, I traverse into the era before mine. I am going to collectively call these ‘old songs’ in the reference that any song that released before the year 1980 as ‘old’. This is mainly because I have no other large or accurate classification to collectively call these songs.

As is usual, the actual playlist contains about 34 songs, but the ones listed here are the top ten based on the MRU of my playlist.

Unnai Thaan Naan Ariven – Vaazhkai Padagu

This song is special for so many reasons. The memories associated with it, the lyrics, the beautiful rendition, and of course, the actress who is a personal favorite. The song remains one of those on my ‘permanent playlist’. I never skip this song if it comes on shuffle, and it is filled with so much of positivity, hope and good memories that this song holds a lot of significance. The lyrics, of course, hold me spellbound every time, invariably leaving me with a smile on my face.

Maharajan Ulagai Aalalaam – Karnan

The whole Karnan album was a musical hit. There are many songs in this album including the much more popular ‘Ullathil nalla ullam’ and ‘En Uyir Thozhi’ numbers. But this song is a favorite mainly because of the singers, both of whom I adore. The exceptional performance (I have never seen the actual visual) and the emotions put in the rendition make this a special song.

Chinna Kannan Azhaikiraan – Kavikkuyil

There are more than two versions of this song, but I am mentioning the one sung by the famous classical singer Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna. The great singer’s voice enthralls me in his classical songs, (especially his special touch to the Ramadasu Keerthanalu) and there are only two songs of his in movies that I love the best. This is one, and the other is the very famous ‘Oru Naal Podhuma’. This song is here purely for the voice. And the flute bits.

Dheivam Thantha Veedu – Aval Oru Thodarkathai

I somehow feel that the golden era of music is that which had all types of songs to fit all moods. More than the romantic and melodious numbers or the peppy party songs, some such songs that offer a philosophical perspective are my favorites. They are songs for all moods, the neutralisers, the ones that even out the white noise of music. This song is a personal favorite because of the voice.

Aayiram Nilave Vaa – Adimai Penn

This movie and subsequently the music album are famous for different reasons. Not going into the history of the movie or its songs, this song remains a favorite because it is one of the earliest songs sung by my favorite playback singer SP Balasubrahmanyam. This song also stars my favorite cine actress, and political personality J Jayalalithaa, and is a landmark song for the many reasons.

Naalai Indha Velai Paarthu – Uyarndha Manithan

The award winning song that captured my attention the first time I heard it played out loud during a memorable bus journey in my native town. It was my first actual memory of the song though I might have heard it before. But since then, I neatly nicked it out of my father’s old songs collection and this got a pride of place in my playlist. The song I love to hear as much as I hate to see. The dubious distinction holds.

Punnagai Mannan Poovizhi Kannan – Iru Kodugal

A favorite movie, a favorite song, one of word play, hidden meanings, and much in depth reference to the actual plot of the movie. This song stuck in my head because I love to watch the movie (to the point where I never switch the channels when it is playing, much to the chagrin and amusement of my family members) and this song is the most memorable from that album.

Varavu Ettana Selavu Paththana – Bhama Vijayam

Another favorite movie, another favorite song. The classic family advice stuff rendered as a thought provoking, almost comical song. This album also contains two other favorite songs, one of which is a happy family song by co-sisters, but this one takes the cake because I invariably let out a laugh when I hear the lyrics penned by Kannadasan, and the scene acted out by little children.

Paramasivan Kazhuthilirundhu – Soorya Gandhi

The movie and its subject are almost laughing stock in today’s scenario but back when it hit the screens, the movie was a great hit due to the sacrificial lead role who endured every difficulty that could possibly arise just for the sake of the family she married into. Not quite relevant today, the movie gathers my respect for its subtle but sure portrayal of patriarchy and the wage differences between men and women. I love this song because of the presence of the poet himself on screen.

Indha Pachchai Kilikkoru – Nethikku Thalai Vanangu

Logically this should have been the first song in this list. But with other songs preceding this for various other reasons recently, this had been pushed down the list in my MRU. I like both the female and the male versions of this song, but the male version is the longer one and gets a small point more than the other version.

This list is curated from a random playlist that I keep adding to on a weekly basis as I unearth gems from my father’s collection or those I hear from TV. There is no particular rhyme or reason to the presence of these songs in the list, but they are all significant in some way.

P.S. :Easter special: there are hidden easter egg links in this post.


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