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N for Narayan #AtoZChallenge


Author’s name: R K Narayan

The Book(s):

Rasipuram Krishnaswami Narayanaswami (better known as R K Narayan) is the famous author of many books including The English Teacher, Swami and Friends, The Bachelor and other beautiful novels. The book I am going to discuss here, though, is Swami and Friends. This is a semi fictional, semi autobiographical tale of a small town boy, Swami, who resides in the fictional town of Malgudi. The book was so successful and was a readers’ favourite. It was also adapted into a TV series and as a movie.

I love the original, charming writing that fills this book. It brought to my mind’s eye the fictional town of Malgudi in perfect detail and it also told me the tale of a little boy who grew up here. This was the first RK Narayan book I read and naturally I was as charmed as every other person. The book holds special memories for me and I loved it so much that I began reading all his other works with a single minded focus.

The Author:

RK Narayan is a famous Indian author who has created a fictional town of Malgudi and has made it popular by populating it with interesting characters. He has written many books, most of which are filled with relatable characters and resonate with the Indian readers. His unassuming writing style and the visual descriptions are his unique writing characteristics. And his success lay in making his readers live in Malgudi as they turned the pages to read more about its inhabitants.

The Memories:

This book is incredibly close to my heart, and is very, very special. Not a week goes by when I don’t thank my English teacher for tenth standard, Mrs. Rajeswari. She redefined teaching methods and encouraged my reading habits to a greater extent by pointing out the right books I need to take up. She diversified my habits and made me read different genres. She introduced many gems to me, and this book remains the first of her many recommendations. I had her as a teacher for only one year, but that was the most eventful year of my life. She taught us that some teachers can go beyond teaching and educating and remind us of the bigger picture, even when faced with something so strenuous as school board examinations. This book was handpicked for me from her local library and I will never forget the expression on her face as she flourished it out of her handbag like Santa Claus pulling out a toy from his gift bag. And, on that day, I learnt what it is to be excited about books. I remember the hour long discussion I had with her about the book after reading it in one sitting, and the deep inputs she gave for the same. My profession today would have made her proud, I am sure. And for that, I thank the stars in my life.

#AtoZChallenge #NforNarayan


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