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P for Patterson #AtoZChallenge


Author’s Name: James Patterson

The Book(s):

James Patterson has written many books in solo and also collaborating with many authors. His famous Alex Cross Series, Middle School Series and Women’s Murder Club series are all international bestsellers. The book I am going to talk about here is ‘First to Die’ – the first of the fifteen (as of now) books in the WMC series.

The lead characters are four women, with Detective Lindsay Boxer of SFPD narrating parts of the book in first person. A strange and shocking couple of murders occur in a hotel suite of a newly wed couple and detective Boxer is called to investigate. From there, the team of four women, a Medical Examiner, a determined Crime Reporter, an Attorney get together and solve the crime. Dubbing themselves the Women’s Murder Club, these women use all their brains and resources to find the root cause of the troubling murders. I love the characters more than the stories and have special attachment towards this series.

The Author:

James Patterson is the author of many successful, bestselling novels with an international fan base. He is popular for his series novels and his singles, most of which are in collaboration with other authors. I love only a few books of Patterson, but am very appreciative of his endeavours to make children read again. He has been very instrumental in bringing back the reading habit of middle school children in the US with his many ventures, and that is one main reason why he is a favourite author.

The Memories:

I chanced upon the first book in the WMC from the bookshelf of a very dear friend. I saw this copy tucked among other authors, but what drew me in the most to this was the state of the book – dog eared, smeared with ink blotches and in general sight a far cry away from her usually meticulous and clean bookshelf maintenance. The history of the copy was then given, and it had passed onto her from nearly five previous owners and was a treasured copy. I got it from her for reading, and I have that copy now, a pride of place in my cupboard, forever in the memory of a girl who loved books.

#AtoZChallenge #PforPatterson


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