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Q for Quindlen #AtoZChallenge


Author’s Name: Anna Quindlen

The Book(s):

Anna Quindlen has written many books including ‘Black and Blue’, ‘Still Life with Bread Crumbs’, ‘One True thing’, ‘Every Last One’ etc. The book I am doing to discuss here is ‘One True Thing.’

Having lost near and dear ones to cancer and having watched the dreadful disease in all its full glory, I should say the book touched a raw nerve and mercilessly reopened all the wounds that had only recently scabbed. The book was an awakening for me, and though I should have prepared myself by reading the summary (I usually do that), I didn’t this time because the recommendation came from someone whose book recommendations I value so much. I kept turning the pages mindlessly, and I did not read the story – I lived it. Every new page brought me something to think about, and every new revelation about the vagaries of human relationships made me rethink the farce that every life is. I began the book early one morning and didn’t put it down until late afternoon, and in the time in between when I went about monotonous chores, my mind wandered back and forth between the pages of the book.

Will I write a review for this? I guess not. Via Ellen and Kate, Anna Quendlin has shown her deepest understanding about human relationships, about how even the most sacred of a mom – child relationship will never be about two-way love and how the love between couples is not what it seems to be. It is the subject more than the writing that got to my mind and hit way too close to my comfort zone. The terrorising slow-killer that cancer is, and all the hope of a remission and subsequent five stages of denial as the ultimate end arrives (and it is always shocking when it does) have all been brought forth beautifully. Ellen’s worry about her love life and career but ultimately her choice to stay with her mother, her slow understanding about her father’s real nature and realisation about how her mother had always held the backseat, and above all, Kate, who always knew everything but put her priorities on her love instead of pointing out faults with the people she loved, they were all very realistic human emotions that stood in my mind.

This book has become a movie, and stars my favorite actor, Meryl Streep.  But it will take some time for me to recover and prepare myself to see it. The book has left me with a hangover that will take me some time to recover from.

The Author:

Anna Quindlen is a successful author with many international bestsellers to her credit. She’s also a journalist and has authored eight novels, and one memoir. Her books have been regular in the NYT bestseller lists. She was a columnist at The New York Times. She has won the Pulitzer Prize and has many more such laurels to her name

The Memories:

I have no particular memory associated with the book because I read it only recently for this challenge. But, I sincerely thank my good friend and fellow bookworm Vishy for suggesting this book to me. I will be reading this again after some time, and in between its pages, I will find the salve to soothe the memories, and calm myself. This book will be a great addition to my bookshelf when I get the paperback of it soon. Some books are powerful memories by themselves but this book is powerful because of what it brings forth to my mind.



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