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Oh My Rowling!

I should have known, when I asked my fellow Potterheads to share their memories and feelings about the Potter Universe, I could not really contain it in one post. So as a dedication to this special person, the author who definitely made a great change in our lives, I am writing a separate post here where I give the comments of my friends.

The comments were generated as reply to a post in Facebook and have been presented as is with no modifications. The memories range from happy to pensive to grateful, and there are multiple emotions in this single post! This shall forever be cherished.


“I thank the Queen with all of my heart. The woman wrote Harry Potter series and gave us a chance to fly inside that extraordinary imaginative world of Hogwarts, the series which cast a spell upon me with its very first chapter, and that fascination remained untouched till the last book.                

This is the only book series I would cherish to my grave.”

Aditti Gaur


“After reading the Deathly Hallows, I felt the world was not worth living in, if there was no more magic for me to look forward to. Yes, I was seriously depressed when the series ended.”

– Kala Ravi Sarathy


“Rowling is the real fairy god mother to most of the grownups now who had experienced her magic when they were kids. She told us it’s okay to be a bit mad; okay to stand up against our own friends at sometimes; okay to follow the spiders and okay to have a giant friend in our lives!

– Priyanka N Ram


“I stopped reading Harry Potter after the fifth book came out. Because I was really uninterested in the whole teenage angst thing that Harry was going through. And the pink custard lady was a drag. But, I picked it up about four years ago after my cousins pulled an all-nighter and explained to me about Snape, Dumbledore and just everything and I was like ok. Let’s do this. Now I read the whole series once a year. :)”

– Aarthi V Raman


“I grew up with Harry and his friends. I spent hours, picturising myself with the black robes, sorting out classes and learning spells. I laughed when Hermione got back from the Hospital wing, I was scared when a bunch of spiders chased Ron, I was jubilant when harry won the first task, fighting the dragon, all by himself and broke apart when Sirius died. I belong to that generation, that had mothers tearing HP books apart, because their kids read them beneath the bedsheet, well beyond their bedtimes. It was magical.

Harry Potter and his friends, each of them, are an integral part of my life and I sure am gonna make it mandatory for my kids to read the books.”

– Megha Sreeram


“After reading whole series of harry potter , more could I ask to Rowling to never stop writing about magic. Thank you for showing the true meaning of love and friendship. Real magic is with your loved ones. “

Shhruti Parekh


“I am currently reading A song of ice and fire of GOT series. I went to bed with a lot of food for thought. And when I woke up, the first thought I had was bathilda Bagshot. Not Ned. Not Aarya. Not even the mother of dragons, the khaleesi. It was bathilda Bagshot who greeted me in the morning and I was like “Rowling is as much a part of my papez circuit as is the hypothalamus.”

 P.S: It was involuntary. I am no huge fan of Mrs.Bagshot and yet I am wondering how even a very small character of HP series lingers over the protogonists of other series in our (potter)heads”.

 – Aparajitha Nagesh


“I am 34 and I am re-reading the entire Harry Potter series again after around 10-12 years. I am absolutely loving it.”

– Avishek Gupta


“I was 11. My classmates mostly ignored me or bullied me because I was a know-it-all. I used to read my school books in summer holidays. People thought it was weird. Also, I was friends mostly with guys. That’s when a classmate of mine was raving about Harry Potter. My mom didn’t allow me to purchase it as she thought novels are an expenditure. After searching a lot, she found a library that had this book – I borrowed and read it. That’s it – no more looking back 🙂 Harry Potter became my childhood, my adolescent, and my life. Even now, when I feel depressed, all I do is pick a HP book and read it – Magic, as they rightly say ❤ “

Srilakshmi Indrasenan


“I first read the Harry Potter books years ago in Germany when they came out. Two friends of mine and I would read them at the same time and then discuss things heatedly. 😀 Some years ago, I re-read the whole series in English and fell in love with it again. I still remember certain scenes or re-read a particular chapter, and I still find it impossible to choose a favourite out of the whole series”

– Devika Fernando


“My college days was so fun and Harry potter was one of the main reason. I remember the days where my friends will beg me to stop telling harry potter tales. Yes i used to annoy them a lot. But i have made quiet few to be a harry Potter fan. Happy days. What if a cat sees a yarn? That’s what Harry potter mean to me. I will go crazy same as cat. Will the thrill ever end? Never in my lifetime. I will make sure my daughter to be a HARRY POTTER fan too. (MOTHER’s DREAM). He he he he he he.”

Devika Ramadoss


“I read all the books in one after the other, almost 7 years ago. They are still fresh in my mind, I was a new mother then and Harry found a place in my heart. He is still there. Always. <3”

 – Inderpreet Kaur Uppal


He swoops like a bat, and acts like a git,

None is more sneaky than him even a bit.

His heart was in the wrong place, he made it right,

He died seeing green eyes, making the wizarding world bright.


His eyes are green as his mother,

Or is it the colour the the failed curse?

He suffered much, seldom showing a bother,

To prevent others to suffer a fate much worse.


He tackled emotional abuse,

Since a younger age.

He was for bullies’ amuse,

Due to his cousin’s rage.


He came up above, due to his courage,

Though we say it as luck.

He withstood all of death fleer’s barrage,

And killed him with the same said luck.

  • Srivathsan V Iyengar

(Special thanks from me for these thoughtful poems about Severus Snape and Harry Potter!)

“My love for Harry Potter series increased with each book in the series . My all time favourite book is the seventh book :)”

Deepan Anand

“Read the books! Don’t depend on the movies for the story.”

 – Summerita Rhayne


 “I started reading Harry Potter after four volumes in the series had come out. I got hooked after reading The Philosopher’s Stone and couldn’t stop till I finished reading The Goblet of Fire. When The Order of the Phoenix came out, I pre-booked at the bookshop went there on the first day, stood in the queue and got it. I was the tallest ‘kid’ there 😀 I did the first-day-first-show thing with the last two HP books too. I loved the first five Potter books. It is hard to tell which is my favourite. At one point it was The Philosopher’s Stone, at another point it was The Goblet of Fire. I need to read them all again and try to see which one I like more now. I thought The Half Blood Prince had too many revelations and Rowling could have made it longer and could have split it up into two volumes. I didn’t like The Deathly Hallows much – I thought the climax, the final battle with Voldemort, was a damp squib. Sorry 😦 I recently read a novel called Judas by Amos Oz. That book proposes a theory which says that Judas wasn’t the betrayer but he was the closest and most favourite disciple of Jesus. It also says Judas did what Jesus commanded him to do – get the authorities to arrest him – so that Jesus can really prove that he is the Son of God. When I read that, I immediately remembered the ending of The Half Blood Prince in which Snape kills Dumbledore. I cried after I read that. I hated Snape. I wanted bad things to happen to him. Of course, it is revealed in The Deathly Hallows that Snape was following Dumbledore’s instructions and he hated doing it. I remembered that, when I read Amos Oz’ book. I realized the kind of depth that Rowling has in her book is amazing. I didn’t realize that there was so much subtext in HP. We learn new things from it everyday. I would have never discovered the Jesus-Judas reference in HP, if I hadn’t read Amos Oz’ book. The sad news is that we will never see the likes of the HP series again. Even Rowling’s later work hasn’t measured up to this.

– Vishy

“Rowling- She brought magic into my life when I desperately needed it, she is the fairy godmother that I had always yearned for, she taught me love, trust, friendship and happiness, she made me realize how grateful I should be for having a family that loves me, cares for me and keeps me safe and healthy at all times, she gave me my first crush/love which will remain special to me ALWAYS, she taught me that not everything that looks black is evil and not everything that looks white is pure, she taught me that a bully of a man is capable of loving someone unconditionally while a gentle, loving old man is capable of letting power go to his head. Most of all she taught me that LOVE is the most powerful magic that exists in this world ❤”

– Aishwarya Sudha Narayanan


“Harry Potter was bullied by Dudley, then Rowling herself was bullied for her politics. Just as Harry stood up, so did Rowling. It’s one reason why we love her.

So when I heard that some Potter fans bullied others because they didn’t have new books, I stood up.

You can write Harry Potter off as a children’s book, but there are some lessons within its pages that some adults still need to learn.”

 -Jean Burke Spraker

(Personal thanks for this very, very special memory which is significant for me to, in a way)

“You made me experience the mystical world of HP. I will be always thankful to you, my Lord. HP healed me. I read it during a crucial stage of my life and it kept me grounded. HP is a way of life. It must be taught to the upcoming generations. ❤❤”

Kavya Janani


“The rest of my life is about finding things that’ll take me into a happy pink bubble like HP did. An enjoyable experience can be rated from 1 to HP. They were more than books. They were an immersive experience. I have an immediate connection with other potterheads and I think potterheads are smart funny loyal and trustworthy.”

-Janani Baskaran

(This quote somehow summed up what I wanted to say.)

“I grew up with Harry, He’s just like that friend you turn to when life grips you with it’s horrible claws. I was a difficult kid in my adolescence and fought with my parents often. It was my 16th birthday and I received my first ever gift from my father. A hard cover “Harry Potter and the deathly hallows” hardcover copy from Higginbothams. It still remains my most treasured property, kept safe to be handed down to my daughter. Heck ! Am writing life lesson quotes based on the HP series… That needs a special kind of crazy.”

– Krupa Kadir


“I love Harry Potter Series….so many things I love about it but since its been real long since I read them, I’m not really able to say much. Nevertheless, I do remember how I was trying to draw parallels between stuff in it and stuff from our mythology and films. The whole green light that flashes during the killing curse for instance…seeing it on big screen, I was like ‘Omg, fighting with these spells is just like fighting with astrams in our epics, same light effect, smoke effect etc etc..” This made me feel more close to the series…and also how these days its the trend to go gaga over and totally adore the antagonist more than the protoganist be it in tamil films or hollywood films or even tv series….well for many this trend started off when they fell in love with the “joker” played by late heath ledger but for me it started way earlier when i liked and literally hero worshipped “voldemort” when they reveal about his past in half blood prince. I think HP was what made me realize that its not always about the “hero”, sometimes the supporting characters are far more fascinating and likeable.

Sowmya Lakshmi

And that, I guess, is the power of the Potter Universe. I am speechless after all this.


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