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S for Stroud #AtoZChallenge


Author’s Name: Jonathan Stroud.

The Book(s):

Jonathan Stroud is the author of many books including the Bartimaeus series and the Lockwood and Co, series. The book I am going to talk about here is ‘The Ring of Solomon’. There are some series books you like for the author’s writing style, some others for the stories but there are some stories you love only because your favourite characters are seen in them.

For me, an ardent fan of this sequence of books, this book was a special one. Bartimaeus the djinni is one of my top ten favourite literary characters ever. Swashbuckling and cheeky by his own admission, the djinn captured the imagination of the reader in me. The Ring of Solomon was the story that gave the back story of the series, the early exploits of the djinni Bartimaeus and for me that filled the gaps I had in the series and made it all the more interesting.

The Author:

Jonathan Stroud is the author of fantasy books, and books for children and young adults. He has written the famous Bartimaeus sequence and the Lockwood and Co. series. His first book published in May 1999 was Buried Fire. The Bartimaeus series was a bestselling trilogy of books (the Ring of Solomon is a prequel).  The sarcastic and slightly egomaniacal djinni Bartimaeus is a famous character across the world.

The Memories:

The Bartimaeus series books have a special memory associated with them. I first read them during a memorable train journey. Curiously enough, it was a co passenger who gave me the book she was reading because the cover art fascinated me. I had not heard of the author before nor had I heard of the book’s title. I assumed it was something related to ‘Arabian Nights’ (Blaming the word djinni here), and was surprised to see it was not. I finished that book in that journey, and gained a friend for a lifetime. We were both in the same area, but it took us twenty years to meet each other on a journey that took us both away from home. Books recommend the best of friends indeed!

#AtoZChallenge #SforStroud


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