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U for Uhry #AtoZChallenge


Author’s Name: Alfred Uhry

The books and the Memories

The A to Z Challenge has brought to me a lot of new books. The authors I had already read were the easiest to write about. It was only a matter of rekindling memories. But for those letters where I had not yet explored the authors, I promised myself I’d read their books and then write about them. It has thus far been a very enriching experience. But with this, it became even more special.

The book I am going to write about today, is Driving Miss Daisy. It is one of its kind, and to this date, the best book I have read as part of this challenge. Written in the form of a play, the book was a very quick read. It was eighty pages odd in length, and I did not even realise I was turning the pages. This was a choice I made for the surname of the author, without knowing that it was turned into a movie starring Morgan Freeman. But once I finished reading, the story stayed with me for a long time.

Happening over a span of 25 years, Driving Miss Daisy is the story of how an African-American driver is appointed as the driver of an old Jewish women by her son because she was getting too old to drive. The woman is initially opposed to the idea but with time her caring nature surfaces and she begins to develop a strange but steady friendship with the man she despised. Throughout the journey, the author gently showcases human prejudice, mistakes of judgment, and the deeper feelings like empathy that will break through the superficial façade.

The book had no twists and turns, and it took a few pages for me to get into the story. The language of the African American driver and the carefully constructed disdain showed by the female protagonist were all very tastefully written. I loved the way the play dissected the subtle shifts in the human behaviour and it was something I will remember for a long time to come.

I will forever love this book for holding my interest enough without a fast paced narrative or even any twists but still holding me with only the sheer power of its story and language.

The author:

Alfred Uhry is an American playwright, screenwriter and the winner of the Pulitzer and the Academy Award. His play Driving Miss Daisy has been made into a motion picture starring Morgan Freeman.

 #AtoZChallenge #UforUhry


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