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X for Xun


Author’s Name: Lu Xun

The Books and Memories:

This is another book I chose precisely for this purpose – the A to Z Challenge. The first ten letters were easy, the next ten a little more confusing, and the last six were real challenges. I had never heard of an author whose surname started with X (which is probably the rarest letter in surnames – I guess) and a fruitful search in the book encyclopaedia Goodreads led me to this book.

When I considered reading the book, the concept seemed cool and awesome. But I was also hesitant if I would be able to speed-read a book with such a serious note. Once I began, though, the book flowed in lucid prose with vivid descriptions. I loved how it felt magical – so much so that I forgot it was actually a translated work. I was engrossed in it for a whole evening and wanted to absorb more.

The stories themselves did not hold much appeal for me but the concept and the clarity was what drew me to the book. I enjoyed reading it and would definitely read it again because the hurry with which I had to zoom to the finish did not do justice to the beautiful work of literature that this was. This books is, hands down, one of the top three books this challenge has brought to my bookshelf.

The Author:

Lu Xun was the pen name of Zhou Shuren, one of the major Chinese writers of the 20th century. Considered by many to be the founder of modern Chinese literature, he wrote in baihua as well as classical Chinese. He was a short story writer, editor, translator, critic, essayist and poet. His works also exerted a substantial influence on the country.

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