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Y for Yousafzai


The Author: Malala Yousafzai

The Book and memories

Reading a memoir is tricky business, and the reader must have a different sensibility to understand the book. The necessities of the trade make the inclusion of some generalisation, background information and sensationalism an essential part of the package. But the reader must be able to differentiate the story from the person, and separate the life incidents from the necessary information.

I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai is one of the most talked about memoir in recent times, the memoir of a girl in her teens, who has seen what most people in the world have not. This memoir has been written with the help of Christina Lamb, who, I guess, is mainly responsible for the embellishments needed to make the memoir an interesting read.

It began well, then included some deadpan narrative about the events that led to the catastrophe, while maintaining a delicate balance with the description and background information necessary for a non-native to read and understand the events better. The book held my interest well, but was interspersed with so much of politics and unnecessary information that distracted me from the main events.

Despite this being a book I had wanted to read for some months now, I did not feel as good when I actually read it. Memoirs were not my favorites but there are some really good ones I’d read. This story was filled with equal parts hope and bitterness and despite all that, a little girl’s yearning to be back in her home.

There are no strong memories associated with this book during the actual reading period except maybe one saving grace. I had finally read and (partially) liked a book that had been in my To-Be-Read pile for some time now.

The Author:

Malala Yousafzai needs no introduction. She is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and has been an active voice against the rigid rule of the Taliban. This is her story, her life leading to, and after that fateful day when she was shot at point blank range and lived to tell the tale. Well, this tale, to be precise.


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