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You Live On…

This post is more of a eulogy than anything else. Death and loss are painful no matter how sudden or prolonged they are. This particular one was so strong in the pain it inflicted, the loss of a dear uncle. More than being what his stature determined, he was first a friend, a confidante and the person I’d turn to when I needed advice and heavy life philosophies.

The purpose of recording this goes against my norm, for I prefer to permanently etch only the happy memories and never the sad ones. But mourning is as much a part of life as celebrations are. And there is no intention to numb the pain, only to feel it twice harder later on. While a happy memory is good for reminiscing, a sad memory is good for clearing emotional leftovers.

The best thing we could do to a memory of the loved ones who left us is to live our life in a way that would make them proud of us. Reflecting on the transient nature of life puts things in perspective, often making one wonder about the insignificance of mundane everyday activities. Living on is the biggest form of human courage and resilience, and that is the biggest lesson any death could give us – that life goes on.

In the memory of one of the best men I’ve ever known…

I will meet you one day

On the other side of the stars

The dusky twilight that took you away

Has turned into mornings, many times over

But the echo of your laughter

Is still heard across time

From those days when you carried

The little me on your tired shoulders

I wish I could turn the clock back

To the days you’d bribe me

The chocolates and toys appearing,

Magically erasing my faux tears

As I looked up at your benevolent face

Aspiring to be you, when I grew up

A pilot, I said, when you brought me a toy plane

A doctor, I said, when you gave me the plastic steth

A lawyer, I said, walking around in your black coat

An engineer, I said, seeing your drafter scales.

A good human, you’d say, smiling at me

Always be that first. The rest comes after!


Whatever I am, wherever I go

A part of you, always follows

In my prayers, I will see you

In my wishes, I will remember you

In wanting to turn to you – to share

All the news, both good and bad

May your voice have the power,

To reach me across the void

For behind the veil you have gone

One way on to never return

The photos do you no justice

Your laughter oh so dimmed

The tears that are still undried

Would one day cease to come

Including your name, your memory

Will decrease in frequency

The pain will numb, will reduce

Our wounds would scab, would heal

But the memories will linger,

Only you, conspicuous by absence.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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