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Under the vast sky!

There are some pictures that prompt you to write. There are some that make you want to pour out the half-formed thoughts. And then there are pictures that ignite something in you, infusing the whole being with a sense of purpose, making the words pour out almost effortlessly. There is no backspace, no hesitation, as if this was part of a recitation. And then… There are very few people who can bring out the best in you, making your life more meaningful with their presence.

From the ‘come on, you can do it‘, to the ‘of course you have done it good‘, to the ‘this is how you could have done it better‘, her honesty is what draws me to excel, to aspire to get that ‘wow’, to push myself forward from the occasional lethargy into spurts of energy that changes speeds from ‘languid’ to ‘leopard’ at the blink of an eye. This image that came from Janani Srikanth (but who else? 😀 ) prompted the piece under it. At the end of the day, the satisfaction and the grin are what made it worthwhile.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-03 at 12.29.12 PM

Somewhere under the vast sky
There are the pairs of eyes
Each forming their own dreams
At a million a day
With dawn come the colors
Quelling the darkness within

In leaves, sand and spires
The shades coming ablaze
The orange hue
Of charm, wit and glaze
The azure blue
Of peace, quiet and craze

The common scapes and
The random lights
With the little stars
That shine so bright
In the warm glow of predawn
My heart feels the effulgence

Somewhere under the same vast sky
Two can share a dream
The yearning singing within
Of hope and joy and bliss
The new dawn has brought forward
A placid tempest of thoughts!




1 thought on “Under the vast sky!”

  1. I have no words to express the impact of this beautiful poem that has been worded to perfection. I used to maintain that contemporary poetry is about the impact it creates and the strong feelings that rush through the pen. But this one has affirmed that language and style have hope too in poetic scenario of current generation. I’m in no way a critic to comment but as you know, I’m honest and never mince words when conveying a feedback. This is one of the best pieces or poetry I’ve read in recent days

    What do I say about you Divu. You are full of surprises. You got introduced as the perfect editor – a person who gives attention to details and emphasises on detail oriented narration. Then you surprised me with amazing short stories written in non Indian settings. The best suprise was short fiction with an out of the world surprise for an ending. And now this mind blowing piece of poetry, I’m sure there is so much more to you and you will continue to amaze and cater to every kind of audience.

    Now for this poetry. My personal favourite is the way you have handled the colors and associated traits. A poem can be seen from any perspective ..for me this is amazingly romantic..filled with positivity and hope and beauty.

    Keep writing are going to go places girl. Very proud of you ❤

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