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In A World of This & That!

In a world of relay races,

You’re my marathon

The stoic silence that

Spells companionship

At the end of every

Grueling day of tiring emotions


In a world of flashy Swarovski,

You’re my solid diamond

The shoulder I know is

Always there, just in reach

When I want a sounding board,

A kind listening ear.


In a world of sweet nothings,

You’re my solemn promise

The miles in between

Are few and never a pain

The boon of digital screens

Always at hand


In a world of hair dyed in shades

You’re the hair that greys with age

My promise of truth amongst lies

Teaching me the ways of life

One solid truth at a time

Even if I yearn for comforting fibs


In a world of typed words,

You’re my calligraphy

Quaint, beautiful and meaningful

Bringing back old promises

Showing me my forever

The gold at the end of my rainbow


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