Music and Me

Song #4: Raasali

Song: Rasaali

Movie: Achcham Enbadhu Madamaiyada

Lyricist: Thamarai

Singer: D. Satyaprakash, Shashaa Tirupathi

My favourite lyrics:

Veyil Mazhai Vetkkum Padi Nanaivathai

Vinmeengalum Veembaai Ènai Thødarvathi

Oørukkøru Kaattrin Manam Kamazhvathai Maravane

Munnum Ithu Pølae Puthu Anubavam

Kandaen Èna Šøllum Padi Ninaivillai

Innum Èthirkaalathilum Vazhi Illai Maravaene

Lyric Translation (Rough):

In the shining sun and the drenching rain

With the stars following me

In each place, a different scent, that I wouldn’t forget

I don’t remember having any such

(exhilarating, new) Experience before this day,

And maybe won’t, even in future,

(which makes this experience unforgettable)

Why this finds a place here:

This song has always been my go-to song for travels. The first time I heard this was when I was traveling by train on one of my life’s most important journeys that changed certain important aspects of my life. So this song holds a special memory, of a time well spent, of a journey that meant a lot, and of people who matter the most.

This song will always bring a few faces and a few dates in my mind, and images of twilit evenings, uninhibited laughter, and shared ice creams. These lyrics were my ringtone, for a long, long time. A reminder for me to be happy, to know that better times are ahead, and to realise that all bad things pass.


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