Music and Me

Song #6: Theera Ulaa

Song: Theera Ulaa

Movie: OK Kanmani

Lyricist: Vairamuthu

Singer: A R Rahman, Dharshana

My favourite lyrics:

Pirivondru Naerumendru Theriyum Kanna

En Piriyathai Athanaalae Kuraikka Maattaen

Sarinthu Vidum Azhakendru Theriyum Kanna

En Sandhosha Kalaigalai Naan Nirutha Maattaen

Lyric Translation (Rough):

I know our separation is imminent, my dear

But I shall not reduce my love for you

I know exterior beauty diminishes, my dear

But I shall not let that stop our happy times

Why this finds a place here:

Despite the mild innuendo and the carefully constructed lyrics explaining deep love, this once blared out loud as my ringtone because of the beauty of the lyrics. The voice was the first allure for me, and it took me more than five tries to get the lyrics right, but at that moment, when I heard this song soon after release, this song fit the situation perfectly.

What is love if not happiness? What is love if not understanding? What is love if not certain compromises? Coming from a movie that worked with a controversial topic, (of live-in relationships in a country parts of which are still coming to terms with ‘forward concepts’ like divorce and widow remarriage) this particular lyric comes at a crucial decision making stage, rendering a special quality to these lines. A personal favourite, so this album finds a second consecutive spot at this blog.


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