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The Jealous Zealots!

It takes a normal, fairly impartial observer, to note that nothing makes people blind to reality faster than the cause they believe in. Be it religion, politics or sometimes the misguided ideals, believing in a cause / force gives a blind strength to proceed with the notion that only that cause / force is ever right. This is sometimes done at the cost of great personal trouble, too.

Zealotry extends to all sorts of fields, and when the reasons become increasingly absurd, the faith becomes stronger. As if this contradiction was not enough, zealots are also possessed with an insane urge to prove their point, and inculcate more people about the cause. In this nearly impossible scenario, another complication is added: zealots are convinced that theirs is the only right way. But the problem begins when they start thinking the paths others follow are all miserably wrong.

There is no problem in saying ‘I like to do this particular thing because I think it is right and I will be doing it.’

The problem is in saying, ‘I don’t like this thing you are doing because I think it is wrong, so you shouldn’t be doing it.’

When the zealotry blinds one to all other possible ways, there comes a sense of supremacy that is coupled with the misguided belief that the power of the cause they follow gives them the right to interfere in other’s causes and vehemently ridicule the practices they follow and sometimes even enter into pointless, endless arguments about why they are wrong.

Zealots are filled with a jealousy that refuses to see that people often live life in other ways as a consciously made choice. Case in point? Misguided feminism.

The term feminism has already been trashed enough and has morphed into something else entirely. The zealots who neither understand what it is, nor want to practice it in all aspects, both positive and negative, become the torchbearers of the cause, effectively overshadowing those who really understand and follow it.

The initial purpose of what it was – to give a voice to downtrodden and abused women and bring them equal rights – has now morphed into a view totally contradictory to what it originally was. The balance has completely shifted from the reserved right, to the liberal left, as if there is no in between. Where things were once ‘traditional’, they were forced, sometimes against their will, into what is perceived as ‘modern’.

Much like the popular stories that are becoming bestsellers these days by only one modus operandi (dispelling all the values of epics and giving them the negative twist), these misguided feminists shun every state that existed, believing and agreeing to only one way, their way as the acceptable way. For want of a better word, the patronizing (there it is, again) attitude and the serious belief that anyone who still follows some aspects of the previous state are actually forced to do so, is what makes the feminist agenda a butt of jokes.

The outwardly appearances of freedom makes this misguided zealots ape certain aspects of their oppressors, and methodically taking down targets one by one, doing everything they were prevented from doing. While this worked initially, in terms of education, property rights, the right to free oneself from domestic violence and abuse, it slowly moved onto superficial but irrelevant things like dresses and promiscuity.

The misguided zealots confuse the purpose of their cause, and end up framing their own set of rules. While originally feminism meant the freedom for women to practice whatever they wanted to do (which was previously denied to them), the zealots have formed their own set of rules that women are expected to follow.

The formation of two moulds – the traditionalists and the modernists with no other spectrum in between is perhaps the most heinous crime against the cause they pretend to support. Religious fanaticism including killing in the name of religion, is much similar to misguided feminist zealotry that refuses to see that traditionalism can still be a very welcome choice for women.

If feminism can be limited to wearing revealing clothes and indiscriminate rampaging about with relationships, the cause has, by itself, acquired a position where reason cannot compete with the blindness of the jealous zealots. To reduce a whole widely beneficial movement to such superficial things, and ridiculing anyone who does not want to follow their version of it is nothing but a manifestation of their insecurity.

While most of these misguided feminists shout slogans against the ‘reserved traditionalists’ who speak ill of their modern ways, they actually happily return the favour in kind by being the ‘liberal modernists’ and ridiculing anyone who still practices the sensible aspects of traditionalism that they are comfortable with.

It has not been left unnoticed that this zealotry stems from the inability of fanatics to see why anyone who does not follow their cause can still be happy about their own lives. The jealousy at the completeness in the faces of those who refuse to bow to their ‘modernist’ views redefines their vicious attacks against the other cause because, simply, the happiness of people who refuse their cause effectively highlights the weakness in the foundation of their beliefs.

If religions’ sole purpose is to eradicate other belief systems and religions, the world would not have existed as it does today. But for some reason, a (misguided) feminist’s sole purpose is to do everything men said they cannot do, and end up proving a non-existent point and ridiculing anyone who does not do what they do.

Misguided feminism lives in denial by not seeing that equality extends to just letting people live their lives in their ways if that were a conscious choice. Any way that refuses to see the good in other ways does not deserve a place or a following that will only end up tainting the original cause. Maybe it is time to stop the torchbearers from burning up the already thatched roof!


2 thoughts on “The Jealous Zealots!”

  1. Wonderful view and I’ve become a fan of the term “misguided feminism”. It’s polite and yet drives home the point.

    My favorite line

    they actually happily return the favour in kind by being the ‘liberal modernists’ and ridiculing anyone who still practices the sensible aspects of traditionalism that they are comfortable with. //Awesome

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ❤ I love the term too. It came suddenly and it fit very well.

      That line, of course, has the crux taken from many of our discussions on such relating topics, always a never ending source of knowledge and interesting topics. ❤


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