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The Year That Was!

Yet another year comes to an end, and here comes the mandatory year end post. Like every year, this too has been one of ups and downs, growing and learning, and a lot of lessons as the Earth went on yet another revolution around its Sun. While I am not particularly fond of any year end resolutions or promises or celebrations, the New Year feeling does infuse me with hope, a strange happiness.

The year end, especially the last month, has brought with it a series of events that have made the New Year promising. The excitement is infectious, and amidst reflections, it has caught on. The month that was saw me do things I had forever wanted to cross off from my to-do list, including attending a classical concert and finishing two books in two days. The ‘goals’, if any, are not lofty, and set with achievable limits.

Scenes at the household often shift the ‘rehash the old, embrace the new’ concept to a major regional festival that appears just a fortnight later, but this New Year’s Day shall again be one of fun, frolic and thankfulness.

Of all the lofty goals (professional ones) of this year, more reading and more writing feature at the top most. Maybe getting my own book published? And a teensy bit of stardom? Dreams, indeed.

Cheers to the year that was, remembering all the happy moments.

Cheers to the year that should be, in all effects, happier.


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