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This poem is an attempt to capture the feelings between two fictional characters – friends turned foes. Though it was written with those two specific characters in mind, it turned out that the poem fits other fictional pairs too. So the subject is left to the readers’ imagination!


A voice reaches my soul

Like storms from a faraway sea

The souls that stood beside

Gone elsewhere; not to be recalled

In between birth and death

The chasm widens, with every new day

With a dawn so precious, it brings light

And a dusk so considerate, it gives darkness

The smiles are fixed in place,

The tears slide into oblivion, gently


If I were you, I’d not rechristen myself

What if you came back to search?

And missed what I once was?

In the phantom roads of life

All paths lead to one goal

My destination is clearer,

The way slightly murky.


When I do come there, will it be

For something you chose?

In the leaving you did

You showed me the power of love

In the learning I did

I told you the pull of sacrifice

Between what is sweet and bitter

There lies a sour patch, amidst

All that is mighty, lies a coward

Who tells naught but lies,

The comforting morning comes again,

The pacifying evening then follows,

Just those random nights that flow by

Where the waves just break the surface

Ripples in a silent lake, lines in the forest’s wake.

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