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The Grace in Receiving

When I was (re)reading one of my favourite books recently, I came across this quote.

It is as important to receive gracefully as it is to give unstintingly

The book is ‘Sunny Side Up’ by Anu Hasan, and I read it more for the writing style than the events themselves. An autobiography of sorts, this book is one on the bandwagon of latest books that follow this style.

And out of all the words, this quote jumped at me. I had read it before, and having echoed similar sentiments before in my life, I was surprise I had not noticed before. But this particular rereading, this quote was just waiting to be read.

We have all been in those kind of (sticky?) situations where we are more awkward with receiving a present or a gift or a compliment than when we are giving it. The giving becomes easier because it puts us in some arbitrary or imaginary higher ground and it usually happens out of obligation or love, and in both cases, the giver is graceful by choice or compulsion.

The receiving though, is another matter. The grace while receiving a compliment has to arise out of self-confidence and an attitude of having deserved the praise showered. It is during times like this that the confidence boost comes as a real help while bringing grace into the process of receiving.

Most reactions to gifts and compliments are awkward, hackneyed words and speechless gratitude. And sometimes, a return gift as an obligation. But to receive gracefully is an art. To receive it happily is an imbibed habit. With time, or maybe age, the confidence increases, and when the giver is genuine, the receiving becomes easier.

The world as a whole needs to learn to receive gracefully, for more reasons than one. To make the giver happy, to give an additional worth to the gift, to avoid embarrassment and… the list just goes on. The next time someone gives, learning to accept it gracefully should be the priority. As Ms. Hasan says, both the giving and receiving are equally important and should be done gracefully.

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