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Day 7: Song That Sways My Heart!

#Day7of100 #SongbirdSaturdays

Some songs are for beginnings, and some for the finish line. A few songs are for inspiration, the bursts of creativity, and a few others are for the calming happiness as the hand races to complete what the mind envisions. But it so rarely happens that a song fits almost all moods and all kinds of days.

The first post of my Saturday series is going to be one such song.

It can easily be called one of classical music’s most popular songs ever. It has been sung in so many ways, of yearning, of love and of a devotion so carnal that there can be no limit to the ways it can be interpreted. I have heard this song in very many ways, including the classical original and its many other forms like film adaptations and fusion twists.

Instantly recognisable with just its beginning verse, the song is,

‘Alaipayudhey Kanna…’

The basic classical version of this song is played on every Krishna Janmashtami.

The modern classical version of this was played for balmy summer evenings.

The movie adaptation was the top of my playlist for a while, and even now peps me up.

There was an instrumental version that helped calm my nerves when I needed no words.

And there is one version close to my heart that did more to me than just be added to my playlist.

It inspired me to write. It inspired a character in my novel.

The protagonist of my Magnum Opus, a romantic thriller, is a classical singer whose life is at once thrown into peril and filled with a million colours by the arrival of a handsome flautist. Many days of writers’ block have been easily overcome by the calming presence of this song that has helped me envision the scenes that would move my book forward. It has helped me get my emotions right, and feel the love a Radha would feel for her beloved Krishna.

The song is love personified, and it always brings a smile to my face in every good version.

The Happy Post of the day is wholesome! Do take a look.


6 thoughts on “Day 7: Song That Sways My Heart!”

  1. Like this, many songs are there to make changes our mind, gives power to move forward. But this song is very special for many people. Including me…


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