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Day 60: I’m Your Cautionary Tale!

#WordyWednesdays #Day60of100

For today’s post a poem that I loved writing and what was written in under seven minutes. I time myself for poetry, and this is one of my quickest works. It just flowed smoothly and I did not reedit my lines.


I’m your cautionary tale

The person you’re warned not to become

The life you’re told not to lead,

My transition happened overnight

From a role-model daughter

To a child they’re thankful not to have

The caution existed in bits

To be her, me. And then, maybe not!

But there was awe, from all ages

What of those tales that we hear

Outlandish ones that exist only

In some place, a parallel universe

What if, one day, they happened,

Right here – to the girl you once knew?

I’m your cautionary tale

The person you wanted to become

The life you wish you’d led

For those transitions you await

The boring monotony, of roles

Of expectations, rituals – some

Compulsions to meet them all

For all those children who exist,

And those who want to live,

I’m your cautionary tale

Of what could happen if you chose

To break shackles, to keep seeking

Sometime maybe, you would know

That I was once like you, too

All it took was that one night,

And beyond the tunnel of inky darkness

There it was, my life’s bright light.


The Happy Post of the Day here!

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