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Day 65: What Do We Need, and Want?

#MotivationMondays #Day65of100

When we think of motivation, it can come from a variety of sources, most of which are not necessarily good. In fact, if truth be told, a negative impact works wonders and is many times better when compared to a positive backing. Continuing in the same line as last week’s post on spite being a good motivator, I am back with another interesting thing that personally motivates me.

Motivation comes from need.

The simplest proverb that we learned in second grade. Necessity is the mother of invention. Darkness necessitated light – which led to the invention of light bulbs. Such is life. And in between all that, man has grown and evolved based on his needs that necessitate his thoughts to travel in the direction that would give him the best solution.

But taking a broader view on this, it is not every day that someone understands how need can be the biggest motivator. The subtle difference between wanting something and needing something can be explained or felt only by those people who have felt both types intensely.

Wanting something is out of desire, a wish that can transcend into an obsession that eats into normalcy. But that is just one extreme. Whereas needing something is a condition, a necessity, something that cannot be overruled. Those who have been in a position where they have both wanted and needed money (ah the axle on which the world runs) would know the pain of an obsession and a need.

And when this pain is channelled in the right direction, the need becomes the biggest motivator that makes things run faster, more and more ways appear to the goal, and make the route a lot clearer.

I personally have been a person whose life is a series of wants than needs, and I consider myself privileged and lucky to be in that position where I do not need things for sustenance with a burning intensity I have understood and felt only on rare occasions. Be it the materialistic money or other things, or the much more satisfying emotions like love and friendship, I have not been left wanting, nor have I been pushed to the place where I am in absolute despairing need of the same. I consider myself lucky, touchwood.

But, in some cases, I have felt what it is to need something. The absolute consumption of the mind and heart until nothing else is visible, it is only the need versus you, the battle that happens between two things that open up avenues for deviation, while also offering motivation to push oneself harder, to make things happen not only by will but also follow it up with work.

In those cases, I have felt and reiterated, that need is in fact, a powerful motivator.


The happy post is here!

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