A to Z 2019

I for Iapetus

Iapetus (Bob the Titan)

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series by Rick Riordan

No matter how hard I try to refute it, truth remains that I am a fan of well-written mythology, irrespective of which country it is from. I love my Indian Myths as much as I love Greek Myths. And then there are the Roman and Norse varieties, or my latest craze, the Egyptian variety.

I love how these age-old stories-turned-legends had so much material that they could encourage spin-offs that only loosely follow the original characters’ traits and put them in modern scenarios.

In this particular book series, the fearsome Titan (no clue on his original powers) is thrown into the river lethe, the one of forgetfulness and loses all his memories, becoming nothing more than a friendly, powerful person who does not know whose side he is on. And Percy Jackson, the hero of the series, calls him Bob, the Titan.

Iapetus grabbed my heart and attention in the way he made a reappearance when Percy was in Tartarus, and how he helped Percabeth out of it!

The character does not make much of an impression away from series, but those who read the book know how good he is! Thanks Riordan for creating that universe I love.

The Song I dedicate to this character is: Echo by Jason Walker.

But why this song? Because in Tartarus, Bob is alone and finds his way amidst the hell of hells while the heroes forget him conveniently and the winning side celebrates. This might be the song he might have sung there. As do victors dine, the losers famish. That is the way of life, isn’t it?

#IforIapetus #AtoZChallenge


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