A to Z 2019

U for Underwood

Underwood, Grover

Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan

One of the sidekicks, but as with Riordan, some character with an entirely different valuable story arc that makes him invaluable in the bigger scheme of things.

Underwood might have been a half human hybrid called a satyr but he was one fine satyr with dreams, and fierce ideas about loyalty and love. He dared to dream what most others failed at, and he dared to oppose elders who did not want him to pursue that dream.

He dared to chase his dream and he found his answer. He was filled with pluck when he relayed the truth to the world and made everyone feel shocked with whatever he said. But he stayed firm to his truth and ideas, for he was sure of his integrity.

And I think such depth for a sidekick character was one of Riordan’s best styles. Somehow Grover Underwood is not just that wily satyr but a person in his own regard who moved the story forward and took it to important twists and turns. He taught us to dream, to chase that dream, to love it and to cherish it.

His dreams were his talisman, and his guiding light. With it he could never have gone wrong.

I admire the characterisation as much as I do his dialogues, and I admire Riordan all the more for writing such a wonderfully fleshed out supporting character who stayed in my mind as much as the protagonist.

The song I dedicate for this character: Flying without wings by Westlife (A very recent favourite song but something I feel this character would love)

#UforUnderwood #AtoZChallenge

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