A to Z 2019

V for Vetra

Vetra, Vittoria

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Physicist, mad scientist, resourceful woman.

The first book of Dan Brown that I had read was The Da Vinci Code, which was full of Sophie and Robert’s race through time. But after that book convinced me, I went and searched for other books, and Angels and Demons was the second book I chose.

Immediately, Vittoria Vetra struck me with the adjectives I have used to describe her at the beginning of the post. Though Robert Langdon was the professor who exuded the familiarity, something about Vetra drew me in. It is a common stereotype that the novels have a resourceful woman helping Langdon throughout his journey as he ducks and dives through obstacles.

Though Sophie Neveu and Jacques Sauniere (from Da Vinci Code) were the first set of characters who influenced me with their dynamic grandparent-grandchild bond, it was Vetra who was defined as the loving adopted daughter who chooses to avenge the death instead of falling back in grief.

Looking back, Vetra is that woman who knew the critical nature of the mission they were on, and fully grasped the effects of whatever was at stake. She dared to break rules and conventions, and made Robert work with her, using his knowledge to the best and identifying the path necessary to get answers.

Daring, dashing and diligent, Vetra is one of the female characters I would not forget in a hurry.

The song I dedicate to this character: Paradise by Ellie Goulding

#VforVetra #AtoZChallenge

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