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Hot & Cold: The Avalanche of ‘Boiling’ Things

‘WhatsApp security has been breached. The company has asked its users to update the app via the official channels and also an OS update for further security if available. Meanwhile please do not accept calls or respond to messages from unknown numbers or unverified contacts.’ This is the original news. What actually matters is that… Continue reading Hot & Cold: The Avalanche of ‘Boiling’ Things

Nostalgia Series

Nostalgia Series #01: Mangoes, Madness, Memories

The last decade before the advent of the internet as a commonplace commodity was the best ever to grow up in. The rapid leaps in technology after the millennium year has hardly left us with time to enjoy one brilliant invention before something bigger and better came to occupy our mind space and fill us… Continue reading Nostalgia Series #01: Mangoes, Madness, Memories