Margazhi Magic

Day 24: The Feet

Trivikraman. Thaal-aalan… Thádálan!

The grandeur was the first thing Kodhai would associate with the gigantic figure of the Lord who conquered all the seven worlds. His first step that quashed one’s desires, His second step that quelled one’s egos, and His third step that completely submerged one’s swayam – the sense of self.

She remembered the story quite clearly. On being requested to reclaim the lands of the gods from the demon king, Mahabali, Sriman Narayanan had taken the form of a midget boy, Vaamana, and asked for land that was measured with three steps made of His feet. The derisive king had agreed, and Vaamana had walked, conquering the Earth with one step and the Heavens with His next, and asking where He must place His third step.

For a man who had ruled the worlds completely, this exercise had shown him the necessity of subservience – something he had quite forgotten. Sriman Narayanan had this way with people, of showing them that the true path to salvation was not attainable with one’s sense of pride on their self being intact.

Those feet that were so soft that even flowers would hurt them had walked on stones and thorns during the Thretha Yuga, as Rama crossed lands and seas to rescue his wife, Sita. Once there, He had merely plucked the demon king Ravana’s life like one would do a strand of grass!

This spoke of his love for his beloved, and the Vibeeshana Saranagathi, where He had walked all along to bless a devotee.

But as Krishna, He had seen too many demons, and the minions of mighty demon kings who wanted Him gone. He had faced so much that his feet would have been tired of all the kicking and walking He had done, to save His rakshyas.

Indra, though, had been a different story! He was the one who had sought help to reclaim his land, and then he was again the same who had been angered to know that the same Sriman Narayanan who had come as Krishna this time had eaten all the food that had been meant for Him. Then the deluge had followed, out of which Krishna had saved the entire village.

Kodhai wondered how Indra had dared to ask Him for help and then also gotten angry at Him later on.

And then she paused. Why was she thinking of all the instances when He had walked to save His people?

Was she making a similar mistake in asking Him to come to Her? Would she be like Sita, waiting until He walked towards her? Or would she be unlike everyone else, and walk towards His Lotus Feet?


The Verse

அன்றிவ் வுலக மளந்தா யடிபோற்றி

சென்றங்குத் தென்னிலங்கை செற்றாய் திறல்போற்றி

பொன்றச் சகட முதைத்தாய் புகழ்போற்றி

கன்று குணிலா வெறிந்தாய் கழல்போற்றி

குன்று குடையா வெடுத்தாய் குணம்போற்றி

வென்று பகைகெடுக்கும் நின்கையில் வேல்போற்றி

என்றென்றுன் சேவகமே யேத்திப் பறைகொள்வான்

இன்றுயாம் வந்தோம் இரங்கேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்.


The Transliteration:

anRiiv vulagam maLandhaai adipooTRi

senRangkuth thennilangkai seTRaay thiRalpooTRi

ponRach chakata muthaithaay pokazhpooTri

kanRu kuNilaa veRiwnthaay kazalpooTri

kundRu kudaiyaa veduththay guNampooTri

vendRu pagaikedukkum ninkaiyil veelpooTri

endRenDrun seevakamee yeeththip paRaikoLvaan

indRuyaaam vandhoom irangkeelloo rembaavaay.

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