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A Ceiling Full of Stars!

A ceiling full of stars I collected random memories Moments, minutes and miles; We spoke of things to be, Future, faces, falsehoods; What came to us, and went away What went away, left us wanting The night sky's million hues A midnight sun's streaming blue A broken dusk; a stormy dawn What had happened all… Continue reading A Ceiling Full of Stars!

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Classics And Context

Perhaps one of the biggest excuses I have heard from those who shy away from the ‘serious’ books, especially classics, is that they are not relevant. But, what constitutes relevance? What makes one decide whether or not a book is relevant in the times they are reading it in? As an editor, one of my… Continue reading Classics And Context

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The Compulsions of the Covens

Of all the countries in the world, India is perhaps the one that has the most debated ideals, ever. To begin with, there are so many diverse rituals, and between two areas merely 50 miles apart, traditions and practices can be completely different; tolerant, accepting, accommodating, and generally in harmony. The land evolves as much… Continue reading The Compulsions of the Covens

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Hot & Cold: The Avalanche of ‘Boiling’ Things

‘WhatsApp security has been breached. The company has asked its users to update the app via the official channels and also an OS update for further security if available. Meanwhile please do not accept calls or respond to messages from unknown numbers or unverified contacts.’ This is the original news. What actually matters is that… Continue reading Hot & Cold: The Avalanche of ‘Boiling’ Things