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Day 01: The Spark

The village pond was still, like her face. But who knew what secrets it held? She allowed herself a small smile, biting her lips to keep the secret in. The dark water – in the colour of His skin – reflected the moon, and for a moment she wondered if she could wade out to… Continue reading Day 01: The Spark

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Classics And Context

Perhaps one of the biggest excuses I have heard from those who shy away from the ‘serious’ books, especially classics, is that they are not relevant. But, what constitutes relevance? What makes one decide whether or not a book is relevant in the times they are reading it in? As an editor, one of my… Continue reading Classics And Context


Always On Repeat – Part 11 – The Instrumental Playlist

There are multiple playlists in my phone and laptop, some even randomly named like ‘Walk Home’ (The playlist that has exactly the number of songs that will play long enough for me to walk back home from the nearest bus stop), ‘The Morning Bloom’ (The playlist that has the complete set of uplifting songs I… Continue reading Always On Repeat – Part 11 – The Instrumental Playlist