A Fresh Slate

A New Year’s Day – symbolic representation of a fresh leaf of a Gregorian calendar year. And like all times thus far, this day too was one of no resolutions and traditional celebrations. A typical New Year’s Day is expected to be celebrated a certain way, and without commenting on whether or not there is… Continue reading A Fresh Slate


The notes from the past Me!

One of the best feelings in the world is finding something you were searching for. But what could be even better? Getting something priceless when you weren’t actually searching for it. After such a philosophical beginning, the background: Weekends are cleaning days, and today was no different. There are times when I brave myself to… Continue reading The notes from the past Me!


Always On Repeat – Part 11 – The Instrumental Playlist

There are multiple playlists in my phone and laptop, some even randomly named like ‘Walk Home’ (The playlist that has exactly the number of songs that will play long enough for me to walk back home from the nearest bus stop), ‘The Morning Bloom’ (The playlist that has the complete set of uplifting songs I… Continue reading Always On Repeat – Part 11 – The Instrumental Playlist