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Always on Repeat (Part 10 – The Kishore Kumar Playlist)

This list is Inspired my dad’s favorites (10 of about 85 – 90 songs, didn’t count) AKA the ‘sleep playlist’ – the one I used to hear when I was a kid to put myself to sleep. Sometimes even now. Full of songs I don’t really understand the depth or meaning of, because the language… Continue reading Always on Repeat (Part 10 – The Kishore Kumar Playlist)

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Q for Quindlen #AtoZChallenge

Author’s Name: Anna Quindlen The Book(s): Anna Quindlen has written many books including ‘Black and Blue’, ‘Still Life with Bread Crumbs’, ‘One True thing’, ‘Every Last One’ etc. The book I am doing to discuss here is ‘One True Thing.’ Having lost near and dear ones to cancer and having watched the dreadful disease in… Continue reading Q for Quindlen #AtoZChallenge

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P for Patterson #AtoZChallenge

Author’s Name: James Patterson The Book(s): James Patterson has written many books in solo and also collaborating with many authors. His famous Alex Cross Series, Middle School Series and Women’s Murder Club series are all international bestsellers. The book I am going to talk about here is ‘First to Die’ – the first of the… Continue reading P for Patterson #AtoZChallenge