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The Simpleton Sage

The village called him a simpleton. His parents told him they’d given up hope that he’d succeed. His employer refused to send him alone to complete even the simplest of tasks. And as he had heard recently, the village soothsayer had informed his mother that he’d never get married. And instead of arguing, his mother… Continue reading The Simpleton Sage

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Song #8 Gandhari Yaaro

Song: Gandhari Yaaro Movie: Magalir Mattum Lyricist: Thamarai Singer: Padmalatha My favourite lyrics: Gandhari Yaaro, Kan Paaraadha Thaaro Soodhaadum Podhu, Van Sooluraitha Thaaro? Seethaigal Yaaro, Sirai Meelaadhadhaaro? Poraadum Podhu, Thee Mooti Chendra Thaaro Lyric translation (rough): Who was Gandhari, the woman who refused to see? When the game of dice happened, who uttered a powerful oath?… Continue reading Song #8 Gandhari Yaaro

100 Days of Blogging, Music and Me

Song #7 : Kangal Neeye

Song: Kangal Neeye Movie: Muppozhuthum Un Karpanaigal Lyricist: Thamarai Singer: Sittara My favorite lyrics: Intha Nimidam Neeyum Valarnthu Ennai Thaanga Aenginen Adutha Ganamae Kuzhaanthaiyaaga Endrum Irukka Vaendinen Lyric translation (rough): Right this moment, I want you to grow up And support me (I yearned for it as I grew older) But the next moment, I… Continue reading Song #7 : Kangal Neeye