Song #9 Oru Poiyavathu Sol Kanne

Song: Oru poiyavathu sol kanne

Movie: Jodi

Lyricist: Vairamuthu

Singer: Srinivas, Sujatha Mohan

My favourite lyrics:

Iravinai Thiratti

Kanmaniyin Kuzhal Seithaano (2)

Nilavin Oliduthu Kangal Seithaano

Vinmeen Kondu Viralil Nagam Samaithu

Minnalin Keetrugal Kandu Kairegai Seithaano

Vaadai Kaatru Pattu Vayathukku Vantha Pookal

Kondu Thangam Poosi Tholl Seithaano

Aanaal Penne, Ullam Kalli Šeithu Veithaanø

Kaathal Kanne Ullam Kalli Šeithu Veithaanø

Lyric translation (rough):

Did God fashion your hair out of the inky blackness of the night?

Was the moon’s brightness used to make your eyes?

Did the stars become your glittering nails?

And did the fresh blossoming flowers

Dipped in gold, become your shoulders?

But, oh woman, was your heart made of stone?

Why this finds a place here:

Some songs are timeless, and this is one of them. In many ways, this song is special. Be it in the imagination that led to this lyrics, or the whole set of comparisons and metaphors, this song is a lyrical delight. At best, if a human were to be formed with the given descriptions, the result would be outrageous. But the poetic license behind this song and the blindness of love that exaggerates every insignificant thing is brought out in the lyrics.

Added magic – the voice. Both versions of the song have fantastic male voices, both my favourites in different ways. That is perhaps one main reason why this song caught on and stayed.